Senior Microbiologist (f/m)

Job description

As a growing international biotechnology company, we are currently looking for an experienced Food Microbiologist versed in sample preparation of all kinds of food samples for microbiological processing to join our research and development team.  We require previous experience performing validation/verification tests with in vitro diagnostic kits for food safety testing. Candidates will report to a senior scientist, but be responsible for their own experiments and results.  This position is ideal for candidates who thrive in an exciting yet challenging work environment.  Attention to detail as well as working in a cross-disciplinary team environment are critical for the position.


The successful applicant MUST have practical, hands-on proficiency in:

  • Sample preparation of food for microbiological processing and food safety testing
  • Validation/verification testing with in vitro diagnostic kits for food safety testing
  • Working with S2 level pathogens
  • Knowledge of ISO standards for food microbiology testing
  • Aseptic technique
  • Accurate pipetting
  • Making of buffers and media
  • Bacterial culturing technique
  • Microscopy (e.g. Gram-staining)
  • Immunological assay experience (ELISA, Western blot, and/or FACS)
  • Maintaining a proper laboratory notebook
  • Preparing validation/verification data reports to comply with ISO 16140
  • Conveying scientific results and conclusions in an understandable manner
  • Working knowledge of food safety testing according to ISO Standards.

Ideally, the candidate also has hands-on experience in:

  • General molecular biology techniques (e.g. real-time PCR, cloning) 
  • Advanced microscopy (e.g. FISH, DAPI staining, use of confocal fluorescence microscope)
  • Developing and implementing molecular and bio- assays


Your Profile

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in Food Microbiology, Food Science, Molecular Biology, Microbiology, Biology, Biochemistry or relevant field
  • Experience with Salmonella is a plus
  • Must have Hands-on Experience as stated above in the job requirements.
  • Previous work experience in an ISO 17025 certified food testing laboratory and with validating pathogen detection methods according to ISO 16140
  • Eagerness to learn and push boundaries
  • Enthusiasm to work within an agile and international start-up environment.
  • Fluent in written and spoken English is required
  • German language is a plus